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Bring Peace
to your Home,
to your School, to your Life. 

Yomu is a resourceful and creative system that combines mindfulness in movement, yoga, music, anatomy, neuroscience, and much more. 

What YOMU offers?

Simple tools to be used in everyday life with kids and adults of all ages.

More than 90 original bilingual and multilingual songs, meditations and affirmations.

Content for parents, educators, teachers, corporations, organizations, etc.

Two books and a mindfulness daily planner.

The most innovative Mindfulness System

YOMU creates its own original content and uses specifically designed elements to promote mindfulness in movement and inner peace, all while promoting positive emotions. Yomu is the only system that offers its own original songs, music, books, puppets, instruments, and other elements and tools to promote mindfulness in movement.

Meet our
Amazing Founder Cynthia Zak

Cynthia is a certified yoga therapist with 500 hours of yoga training and 30 years of experience in the field. Cynthia is the author of two children's books on yoga plus a mindfulness daily planner for kids' backpacks. She's the songwriter, composer and producer of Yomu's original music, which includes 90+ songs and meditations. Cynthia leads trainings throughout the U.S., Latin America and Europe. Yomu's system is currently taught and practiced in schools in South Florida, around the U.S. and in countries such as Argentina, Spain, Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia and Italy. 

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