How Mindfulness Changed My Family's Life

By: Mariel Lijaveztky

The impact of Yomu Mindful Home is overwhelming. By opening the door it has redefined what it means to be at home. Especially with this new reality of online life, virtual tasks, and work online, Yomu gives us the opportunity to say STOP!

Yomu was an awakening that allowed my husband and I to choose what to teach our children, turning each moment into a memorable experience. From one moment to another, families around the world became our children’s teachers (although we always should be), and Yomu Mindful Home gave us the possibility to choose how we wanted to do that. 

And you think “how did I not do it before?” We should know these things, because each Yomu resource is so simple, each technique is so powerful. It allows us to rediscover the feelings that impact each one of our family members and our home life in such a generous way so that we can cultivate peace within us and our home.

It is a transformative process with a great impact on our socio-emotional health. It allowed us to be present without losing sight of ourselves and it found us speaking differently about and towards everything we experience.

The kids are always surprised at each shared Yomu resource, at each song, meditation, and breathing exercise. They are the awakeners of our consciousness, the true sages. When I see them, I observe how this system has made a nest in them and has enriched them with the full development of their being.

Each and every one of the resources are immense and without a doubt music and songs have a great transforming power to connect us with the deepest part of ourselves in order to flow magically.

Many of the Yomu songs are hymns for my children and for us, it seems that we have known them forever. They are the ones we choose when we go in the car, and in those daily moments when we want song.

In Argentina,we returned to school just a few weeks ago. As a teacher, I can say that these resources work equally well in class rooms, during daily routines, at home, and at school.

On the third day of school, the students began to ask me for the Call to Silence. They connect deeply with the power in that song. They asked me to dance the song Elastic. It is mindfulness in movement and is already part of our classroom routine. The most wonderful thing is that the kids ask for it and then they bring it to their homes and families. Simple actions that have great impact.

We use a lot of affirmations, and we transform routines into a family ritual. At one point in 2020, my youngest son asked me not to login to virtual school because he wanted to meditate. Yomu allows us to connect with that space to listen to each other and validate what we feel.

From my own experience, I can tell you that Yomu is a totally transformative experience. I found myself and I cannot be more grateful. It has given me immense answers and opened many questions.

We listen to ourselves, we change our perspective, we see the world with Yomu eyes.e Especially after my Certification as a Yomu Coach, the messages on this path are recurrent and it is constantly being revealed that it is the right path.

Everything begins within us, and every day we can choose to sow something new. It is those seeds that powerfully flourish, and the power is in each one of us.

Yomu Mindful Home is a gift for a lifetime for children. For adults, it allows us to be responsible for what we choose to think, because when we as adults feel safe and calm, children do, too.

Today, more than ever we adults must be equipped to go through these times and accompany our children in the best possible way. By opening the door to this program you light up and fill your home with love and you can be the change we want to see in the world. It is a unique gift that keeps on giving.

Mariel Lijavetzky is a mother, teacher and Yomu Coach Global Leader