Andorra, España
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Yomu Coach Certification Córdoba


In 18 hours, this experiential training will equip you with the Yomu essentials for teaching and practicing mindfulness in your everyday life. It gives you the basic tools, confidence, and certification to organize your own Yomu classes in public and private spaces while realizing how Yomu can provide solutions in your life. This training is more than Mindfulness tools. With an open mind and a willing body, it has the power to shift your inner dialogue and in turn change the way you relate to others. Come ready to move, question, and connect. No previous training or experience is required.

Apr 1 - Apr 8 2020
9:00 am. to 6:00 pm.
De los Latinos 8555, Córdoba, Argentina
Why become a Yomu Coach? 

The Yomu Coach certification gives you a license to create, lead and teach your own Yomu classes and experiences at schools, gyms, yoga studios, private spaces, anywhere. The world needs you! 

It also allows you to use the brand’s materials such as logo and name, for a one year period.

If you do not wish to teach, you are still welcome to come to the training and experience the transformation in your own life. 

What’s included? 

• Training manual (PDF) 
• Free Yomu CD 
• Two downloadable lesson plans (PDF)
• Two Yomu illustrations 
• Yomu Coach certificate (PDF)

A unique experience with our founder

Cynthia Zak

This event is presented by our amazing Founder, Cynthia Zak. More than a decade ago, she noticed a need for mindfulness education that was playful yet comprehensive, and that focused on the unique knowledge and qualities that each child already possessed. Cynthia has written three books, created over 150 songs, traveled the world spreading Yomu, and generated endless content for trainings, conferences, classes, and seminars.