Can children learn Mindfulness through Music?

 By: Lilia Querro  

For me, Yomu is an infinite light that lit my life forever in all possible aspects. From the first song (Heart’s song) I heard in June 2017, something in me changed.

From that moment I began a journey of knowledge and inner transformation. The first to benefit from the impact it had on me was my family. I returned from the training and my family asked how it had gone and what we had done.

We are a musical family. I sang the songs to them and shared the beauty of the Yomu music and its depth that reaches the soul.

One morning after that my oldest son was playing Song of the Heart on the piano.

And I share this with you because Yomu is part of our daily life through music. It is part of our family repertoire, and thanks to the pandemic, it was an opportunity to find Yomu moments as a family and turn them into sacred moments.

I set up a Yomu corner with instruments, and at night I share them with my husband and my teenage children. What we use the most are the songs and the breathing exercises. My youngest son uses them to fall asleep.

For my older son who is more shy, the whole Yomu System has helped him to loosen up, to feel more secure. When we are together as a family we reiterate that the place is here and now and every moment we share is magic and a gift.

Yomu transforms from the inside out. This affects communication, relationships, opening up in conversations, and enjoying each moment as a gift.
I am also a teacher in a primary school and I also use Yomu in my classes. Similarly, children ask for Yomu and request. Because from the first day you learn this, you start to implement it.

The principal and the other teachers also notice the changes that Yomu brings by beginning and ending each class with the Yomu songs and breath work. As time goes by, the entire class becomes a Yomu experience.

A Yomu song is complete, deep, and simple. Yomu is part of all our routines in and out of school.

When I heard the first song, I said  "this is music for the soul". It is music for the heart, it inspires me to be more. I have created a space called Music of the Heart to transmit these tools to other parents and teachers who attend the workshop and right away take the Yomu tools home and start using them.

I recommend Yomu at home because it changes everything. When you encounter Yomu, the impact on the people around you is immediate. The implementation at home brings many benefits. Each of these experiences is a gift for life, for each member of the family. 

Yomu improves communication, allows you to see life with new eyes and enjoy the moment, to be in the here and now present with open eyes, and with all the senses. Life through Yomu is magic and transformational. It turns everyday simplicity into something extraordinary and transcendent.

Do you want more ideas? Download 30 Tips to Cultivate a Mindful Home here.

Lilia Querro is a mother, teacher and Yomu Coach Global Leader.