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Ask questions. Look for answers. Educate yourself. It’s time to break paradigms to cultivate a mind and heart that is healthy, resilient and joyful. 

Exclusive Content

Songs, lesson plans, games, activities, and much more available exclusively to you. Get new, relevant content to keep classes fresh and excite your teaching style and creativity. Get access to tips, tricks, and techniques for incorporating mindfulness into your classes and your life.

Community Support

Having trouble getting your students to pay attention? The community of trained Yomu Coaches is here to support you. The #YLN is a 24/7 ever growing community of possibility.

License to Teach

A license to teach is freedom. Organize classes in your community, schools, workplaces, even in your own backyard or online. Bring free classes to those in need, or become your own boss and offer classes in private sectors. A license to teach Yomu is financial freedom to do what you love and spread love while you’re at it.

Entrepeneurship Marketing Tools

By becoming part of the #YLN, we provide you with tools to market your skills and be there to answer questions and spark conversations about how to bring mindfulness to more people. This is the confidence and support you need to become your own boss, without feeling alone in the process.

Continuing Education & Special Trainning

Because we believe that there is always room for growth. As a Yomu Coach you have access to exclusive discounts on trainings, webinars and updated content to help refresh your experiences with relevant and unique activities, exercises, songs, materials, and games.

Class Database - Coming soon

Post and promote your classes for students, teachers, and parents to see. This will spread the word about your classes and connect you to other classes and Yomu Coaches. People all over the world are waiting for these experiences!
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