What is Yomu?

Drop what you’re doing, put the tips of your fingers together. Inhale to create a small globe with your hands. As you exhale, pinch your fingers together, keeping your finger tips touching the entire time. Do this for 5-10 breaths and notice how you feel.

Yomu takes the mystery out of mindfulness, and turns it into a lifestyle. When we practice mindfulness we step into the present. It can be as simple as noticing the color of the sky or taking a breath before answering the phone (which is not always so simple). Yomu is a system that incorporates meditation/yoga, breath work, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, and music to awaken the mindfulness within us all.

Yomu has 150+ songs, backed by neuroscientific research, aimed at improving muscle function, increasing emotional intelligence, and developing social and cognitive skills.

Yomu is a system of self-discovery, and a source of joy, creativity, and health.

Our founder’s story.

Cynthia Zak is a journalist from Argentina and a yoga enthusiast. While driving around Miami teaching yoga to children of every religion, race, age, and income bracket, she noticed a need for education that was playful yet comprehensive, and that focused on the unique knowledge and qualities that each child already possessed.

She was looking for music and books that would enhance creativity, breed out-of-the-box critical thinking, and elevate unique voices. She decided to create what she was struggling to find, and in result materialized the tools for a new experience in mindfulness with a team of experts in neuroscience, yoga, psicologysts, occupational therapists and musicians.

Cynthia has written three books, created over 150 songs, traveled the world spreading Yomu, and generated endless content for trainings, conferences, classes, and seminars. 

Cynthia currently practices mindfulness with every breath, lives with her family in Miami Beach, cannot live without her daily coffee and yoga, and regularly travels to train and teach Yomu around the world.

The Yomu Love Network

The #YLN is our community of Certified Yomu Coaches in more than 20 countries.